The VC and venture debt firm which backs scaling UK technology businesses with amounts of between £1m and £10m

Fund name: BOOST&Co
Investor category: Venture capital, venture debt
Based in: London


BOOST&Co creates growth capital solutions to help innovative small and medium enterprises to develop.

The firm, which specialises in venture capital and venture debt, understands entrepreneurship and believes that management teams who have done the hard work of getting a successful business off the ground deserve access to funding that doesn’t undermine their ownership of the company.

BOOST&Co's funding solutions keep dilution of management equity to a minimum.

Investment criteria:

BOOST&Co invests between £1m and £10m into fast-growing small and medium businesses in the UK.

The key criteria for BOOST&Co to invest is that the company is at a scaling stage, and has passed the start-up phase. The firm likes to see businesses with a proven business model, a well-structured and talented management team, a fully functioning product and an established customer base that is delivering revenue.

BOOST&Co's industry focus is technology businesses including software and services, internet, life sciences, hardware and cleantech. It also invests in companies that are doing something innovative in more traditional industries.

Size of fund:

Over £200m.

Portfolio company:

In August 2016 BOOST&Co led a £3m investment in Purple Wifi, a UK technology company offering a platform that helps businesses provide WiFi on a free-to-use basis to their customers. Through this, businesses access data to better understand their customers’ behaviours and connect with them through targeted messaging in their venues.

The investment will enable Purple Wifi to scale its sales team and establish itself as a leader in the market.



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