Bosses lacking vital management skills

Poor communication and leadership hampering small firms, survey finds

Bosses of UK businesses lack people management, leadership and communication skills, badly affecting their firms’ competitiveness, a new study has found.

A survey of trainers and human resource managers by Video Arts found that many businesses were falling behind their competitors by failing to properly motivate their staff.

Six in ten of those surveyed said that customer service, motivation and leadership were the areas most requiring improvement through training courses this year.

Other key findings in the study include:

  • Just 12 per cent felt that increased pay was the most effective method of retaining staff, with 70 per cent believing training was the best way.
  • Best practice and advice from other organisations (35 per cent), online measurement tools (34 per cent) and pre-printed questionnaires (25 per cent) were the top three tools which respondents believed would help them better measure the success of training.
  • Some of those polled felt that bosses would greatly benefit from a spell back on the shop floor.

With the job market becoming increasingly tight due to the lack of skilled workers, small firms have been under pressure to improve their working practices to attract and retain quality staff.

Martin Addison, director of Video Arts, said that nay boss out there would do well to take note of the findings.

“Being in charge doesn’t mean that your leadership skills are beyond improvement. In fact, the skills that are required at the head of an organisation can often be very different from those that got you there,” he said.

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