Boutique distillery business raises £258,000 via Envestors’ network

The London Distillery Company gains backing from network of private investors, family offices and venture capital sources

Early-stage business, The London Distillery Company (TLDC) has secured £258,000 worth of equity funding, thanks to money-raising help from award-winning private investor network, Envestors.

Having received financial backing from contacts within Envestor’s 1,000-member network of private investors, family offices and venture capital sources, founder of TLDC Darren Rook can now fulfil his aim of building the first Whisky distillery in London for over 100 years.

The fundraising was organised by Rising Stars, a department of Envestors that works solely with early-stage companies and it is hoped that the money raised will also help TLDC to form sales networks with a variety of retailers.

Rook, who founded the boutique spirits manufacturer in 2011, aims to maintain a reputation for environmentally friendly and ethical spirit production, which will include the manufacture of an organic London dry gin.

Despite the current economic downturn, the premium spirits industry has shown an annual growth of more than 5% since 2007 and The London Distillery Company has already received interest from retailers, having confirmed provisional wholesale orders.

Rook is confident that this is just the beginning of his company’s success: “Whisky is making a huge comeback globally […]. Add in demand from new markets in the world’s growing economies and we have a terrific opportunity.

“Rising Stars was the answer to our prayers as we are in the early stage of a fast-growing business.”


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  1. Very useful article, a close friend of mine opened a micro distillery just as a hobby and wasn’t aware of the potential it had for growth and as a business. After much persuasion he decided to pursue this more, all he needed was a little guidance and advice which is where he started looking for resources and came across Distill Ventures who helped him with business advice i.e the licensing and operations on a bigger scale as well as funding and he’s making great progress with launching this.