Britain’s festive trading evolving with 40% of Christmas crafts sold all year

While Christmas traders typically achieve an extra £92,000 across November and December, demand from shoppers is no longer limited to the festive season...

UK businesses selling Christmas crafts are experiencing demand for their goods all year round, not just seasonal spikes in November and December, new research from Direct Line for Business reports today.

The survey, conducted among traders at The Spirit of Christmas Fair, found that 40% of ‘Christmas crafters’ are selling their goods across – representing an opportunity for new businesses in the space to drive additional sales all year round rather than limiting sales to the festive season.

Unsurprisingly, November and December remain the most profitable months for Chrismas-related businesses with an estimated £92,000 worth of additional sales typically generated over these two months.

Christmas pop-up shops are also becoming increasingly popular. Referring to ONS statistics, Direct Line highlighted that there were up to 124,000 more sole traders active between October and December last year than the average for the whole year – an increase of 2.7%.

Nick Breton, head of Direct Line for Business, noted that the “festive trading has evolved”:

“Previously, businesses tailored their stock to reflect the holiday season they are targeting, but now we’ve seen an appetite among consumers for Christmas products all year round. There’s definitely been a shift in the way consumers shop as many take advantage of seasonal fairs and pop-ups to buy their Christmas shopping earlier and under one roof.”

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