Britain’s self-employed sitting on £180bn in personal assets

New research finds that self-employed population is the most ‘asset rich’ UK group

Britain’s self-employed community is sitting on personal assets worth a combined total of £180bn.

That is according to a new study from personal asset lender borro, which claims that Britain’s 3.3 million self-employed population is the most ‘asset rich’ employment group in the country.

According to the research, self-employed Brits hold an average of £54,900 of non-financial assets, including cars, fine art and antiques.

By comparison, the study finds that the average salaried employee holds personal assets worth £42,800, while retired people are sitting on £37,300.

Paul Aitken, CEO of borro said: “Britain’s self-employed community is one of the key driving forces behind the nation’s economy, with many at the forefront of the earning scale when the economy was doing well. 

“Clearly many have spent the fruits of their hard work during that time, so it should come as some comfort to them to realise they are sitting on a wealth of assets that can be utilised to access finance at a moment’s notice.”


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