British twenty-somethings use mobile devices more than anyone else in Europe

Social networking interrupts young people more than once an hour

British twenty-somethings are more likely to use mobile devices for news and information than any of their European counterparts.

That is according to a new report from Cisco Connected Technology, based on responses from 2,800 college students and professsionals in their twenties, spanning 14 several countries.

Almost three-quarters (73%) of the survey’s British respondents said that they use mobile technologies, such as laptops and smartphones, as a primary source of information updates.

Of the countries surveyed, only China (76%) demonstrated a higher rate of mobile reliance among young people than the UK.

Furthermore, the Cisco researchers found that Britain is more affected by social media than any other country; in fact, 93% of the survey’s British respondents claimed to be interrupted by social media at least once per hour.

The UK’s technology driven youngsters also admitted they would choose connection to the internet over ownership of a car.

Ian Foddering, technical director/CTO of Cisco, asserted that the survey may provide a harbinger of future British business trends – as those who responded to the study will soon underpin the British workforce.

He said: “The UK’s future workforce is becoming increasingly driven by their use and reliance of the Internet for everyday actions.

“Businesses will need to examine how they evolve and shape their business operations to accommodate this changing world and way of working. As well as providing an internet-rich experience for this generation of workers, businesses must seek to consider the associated security and mobility demands on the company’s infrastructure.”


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