Britons generate over 13,000 new business ideas every hour

New study claims entrepreneurship is "sweeping the nation" with Wales, Brighton and Liverpool top start-up hotspots

According to new research released today, more people are turning to entrepreneurship than ever before with Britons collectively generating over 13,000 new business ideas per hour.

The study, conducted by print and design company MOO, found that 82% of the UK population have had an idea for a new business in the past year with Britons aged 25-34 having had the most new business ideas overall.

Wales, Brighton and Liverpool were found to be home to the highest percentage of people who have already started working on a new venture.

Some of the most common sectors for new business ideas were arts and crafts (16% of respondents), cooking (13%), reselling goods via eBay and similar (11%), and fashion (11%). Despite the rise of tech start-ups and growth of Tech City, only 7% of respondents said they had had an idea for a technology business in the last year.

Popular motives for pursing a business venture included passion and interest in a particular area, highlighted by 33% of those surveyed, followed by spotting a gap in the current market and frustration with existing products and technologies.

MOO CEO and Young Gun, Richard Moross MBE, commented: “As an entrepreneur, I’m delighted that Britain’s entrepreneurial spirit is booming.

“Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our economy and deserve all the support we can give them.”


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