Want to launch your business as a commercial finance professional? The Brokerplan franchise opportunity enables you to do just that









Franchise name: Brokerplan
Franchise synopsis: Join the UK’s most established and successful commercial finance network.
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Working with us under the Brokerplan network programme you will be in a position to offer your clients access to a very broad range of essential and innovative ‘core' financial services/products.

These are sourced and delivered from over 250 UK based partner lenders with whom we have developed very strong, high level working relationships.

The services we provide cover commercial and business loans and commercial and buy to let property mortgages, development finance, asset leasing, invoice finance, general business loans and grants and personal loans, to name but a few.

In addition to our core services we have an extensive range of complimentary ancillary services which also provide valuable income and which allow us to provide a complete and fully comprehensive service to our clients.

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