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Business contents insurance

Whether you run a shop, a salon or a sock business, contents insurance protects your belongings from unforeseen disasters

Whether its tools, stock, fixtures or fittings, you’d do well to protect your business belongings from any threat or peril they may face.

But what is business contents insurance? How much do you need? And what does it cover?

Read on to find out…

Does my business need business contents insurance?

Whether you’re a standalone shop, a nationwide chain or a tech start-up working out of a home office, you’re business is going to have plenty of property, equipment or stock that needs to be protected.

You can’t predict what misfortune might befall your business but you can ensure you’re insured against everything from a break in to a clumsy accident. Failure to do so could end up costing you dearly in the long run.

What does business contents Insurance cover?

Business contents insurance will cover you if your equipment, stock or furnishings are damaged, lost or stolen. This could be tools, expensive IT equipment, office furniture or backed-up stock.

You can either choose:

New-for-old cover – ensures that you’re compensated to meet the full cost of replacing something if it’s lost or destroyed
Indemnity insurance – a more affordable option that deducts the cost of general wear and tear to replace your belongings at their current value or state

What won’t it cover?

A business contents insurance policy usually won’t include cover for vehicles or buildings, which can both be covered on separate policies.

How much business contents Insurance will my business need?

The more stock or equipment you have, the larger the policy you will need. Don’t just plump for the cheapest policy however as its terms and conditions may not cover your business in an unforeseen event.

How can I choose a provider for business contents Insurance?

There are innumerable comparison sites online that can help you find the best deal on a policy that works for you.

Providers offer a range of policies tailored to different business needs including for tradesmen, shops, salons and pubs. Choose one that pays a maximum exceeding the value of the collective contents of your business.

Some providers may not cover certain types of businesses or premises they deem as being too risky, so make sure the policy is suitable for your particular circumstances.

What other insurance does my business need?

The only type of insurance your business needs by law is Employer’s Liability Insurance. To cover every physical aspect of your business, it’s advisable to take out:

  • Motor Insurance – any business that operates a vehicle needs to be covered, either by individual policies or fleet cover
  • Building insurance – protects the bricks and mortar of your business from damage

Bryn Glover
Bryn Glover


As Editor of Startups, Bryn runs content strategy and our annual campaigns. A lover of small business, you can find him writing about exciting entrepreneurs and UK industry trends.