Business owners in the South East most in favour of a Brexit

London employers are leading the remain campaign with many of the opinion that Brexit "will put jobs at risk" and deter investment

A number of business owners in the South East of England (48%) are likely to vote for Britain to exit the EU (Brexit) when the referendum takes place on June 23, according to new data from

Polling 1,708 employers nationwide from February to April, the study found that, in contrast, employers in London are most likely to vote for Britain to remain in the EU with 71% having cited their opposition to a Brexit.

Business owners in the East of England and East Midlands are also more likely to vote to remain; at 68% and 63% respectively.

Of the employers surveyed, over half said leaving Europe would put jobs at risk and 55% said they believe Brexit will deter foreign investment in the UK.

For those employers in the remain camp, the economy (48%) and business and trade (41%) were given as the two biggest issues driving their decision for Britain to stay in the EU. For those voting to leave, British sovereignty (51%) and immigration (32%) were listed as the driving factors.

James Reed, chairman of, said of the data:

“It’s easy to understand why [employers want to remain. More than half of UK employers think jobs would be at risk if the UK leaves the EU. And for many people, this is the harsh reality that could affect them most.”

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