Business owners to give back to the community

Volunteering England gives companies the tools to move towards more socially responsible business

Volunteering England has launched a series of resources to make it easier for small businesses to engage with their local communities and get involved with volunteer schemes.

Volunteer website now employs a search mechanism whereby businesses can find partner organisations that offer employer-supported volunteering services.

The new resources were revealed only days after David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party, announced plans to get businesses to sign up to a ‘responsibility deal’ to volunteer more in their local communities.

Research recently conducted by AshridgeBusinessSchool found that a large number of small and medium sized business owners were keen to get involved with voluntary community schemes but found that there was a lack of information available online.

Fiona Dawe, chief executive of online youth charity Youth Net which runs the site said: “ has been making volunteering easy for individuals for over seven years, but until now there’s been nothing similar for business.”

However, not everybody is an advocate of socially aware business. The Conservative Party’s plans to promote “responsible” business were met with criticism by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) which claimed that the proposal to use “responsibility deals” to encourage business to act in a socially responsible way could cause confusion.

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