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The 5 essential business phone service features every small business needs

Business phone systems offer a dizzying array of features for small businesses. But which can actually help your company achieve its goals and grow?

Clear communication is vital to the success of your small business as it grows.

How you manage the flow of information both into and out of your organisation will have a big impact on the success of conversations between clients and colleagues.

A business phone is the key piece of hardware to facilitate the free flow of information but, of the myriad features you could choose to use for your start-up, which ones should you actually have?

Below we look at some of the key business phone service features every start-up needs to ensure a professional image.

1. A professional business phone number

Choosing the perfect memorable business phone number is the first step in implementing a communications system for your small business.

A phone number isn’t just an innocuous sequence of digits, it’s a sequence of digits that says a lot about what kind of company you are.

But what are the different numbers you can have?

Using a Virtual 01/02 Number allows you to compete locally in any of the 520 towns and cities across the UK without having to physically have a presence there. Calls can be automatically diverted to a chosen landline or mobile number.

The cost of a Virtual 01/02 Number is dependent on minutes you require.

Additionally, 0800 Numbers are available as freephone numbers that can increase business enquiries by up to 300% according to Telecoms World. These numbers are not specific to any particular region of the UK.

0800 is also recognisable to the average person. They don’t know why it’s familiar or what it means but they’ll trust it all the same.

2. Call Routing

If you don’t want to miss a crucial business opportunity then Call Routing is the thing for you. Sophisticated Call Routing solutions can divert any incoming calls to a UK landline or mobile.

You can be very specific about where certain calls go at certain times. For example, you can set your business open hours to between 9am and 5pm, with all calls made in this window diverted to a chosen landline or mobile and any calls made outside these hours diverted or put through voicemail to email.

3. Interactive Voice Response

First impressions count, on the phone or as much as in person. You know when you call through to a service and the first thing that happens is that you’re given a selection of options/ buttons to press: that’s an Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

And to ensure absolute professionalism at all times, the greetings and messages can be recorded by a professional voice artist. You can script exactly what they say and pick which one you think best exemplifies your business.

Rather than having multiple diverts, extended wait times or no answer at all, IVR is professional and easy to install; enabling you to reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

4. TW Dial-Out App

There’s nothing wrong with taking business calls on a mobile but, a landline with a business telephone number looks far more professional.

The TW Dial-Out App enables you to display your business number to your clients when placing calls with your mobile. You can even access existing contacts when placing calls from within the app.

So, if you’re working from home, you can still place a call to a client and give the appearance that you’re working from the office. Clients won’t want to receive calls from mobile numbers they don’t recognise.

5. Call Whisper

This nifty feature is a good one for those who mostly use their mobile phone for all their business communications. It enables you to identify whether an incoming call is a business call or not.

Before the caller is connected, it plays an announcement message saying “this is a business call”, whilst the person on the other end of the phone continues to hear ringing until you answer.

Meanwhile, you can prepare to conduct yourself in an appropriate business manner and answer professionally.

You can also tailor the solution for different departments or branches and can be used with any different type of number. Depending on the setup of your business, the announcement can say: “This is a used car enquiry” or “this is an accounts call” for example.

Want a business phone service with these amazing features? Whether you’re a micro-business or a large corporate, Telecoms World offers all these and more to help you grow your business. 

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