Businesses can now use Twitter to target individual postcodes

Previously geo-targeting could only focus on broad areas.

Twitter’s geo-targeting tools can now be used by businesses to target individual postcodes, whereas before they were restricted to broad metropolitan areas.

The news opens up the possibility for businesses to identify potential customers and launch specific marketing campaigns to connect with them at a local level.

For example, small service businesses will be able to invest in advertising confident that it’s reaching the relevant audience.

Small independents are also likely to benefit as they can connect to those in the locale such as a Leeds coffee shop being able to solely target Twitter users that are based in Leeds.

The social media giant also said the tool could be used by political parties to promote individual candidates to the electorate in specific areas.

With 80% of Twitter’s 15 million UK users accessing the platform via mobiles, smartphones are expected to play a bigger role in the upcoming election than ever before.

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