Businesses encouraged to foster employee wellbeing

An average employee puts in 38 working days over their contracted annual hours, despite the fact a work-life balance is crucial to positive mental health

UK small businesses have been encouraged to foster employee wellbeing after a new report claims that one in five UK workers are unhappiest while on the job.

Central YMCA’s survey of 1,000 UK employees revealed that 25% of respondents cited their office or workplace was where they feel most down – with the average respondent working 38 days over what he/she is contractually obliged.

When it comes to achieving appropriate levels of employee happiness, employers are urged to ensure they offer staff a positive work-life balance and make sure they are suitable stimulated.

When asked about where their feel at their happiest, 66% said they feel best on holidays, 56% when with family, while 49% cited socializing with their friends as their ‘happy place’.

Rosi Prescott, CEO of Central YMCA, said:

“Gone are the days of it being seen as acceptable for employees to work all the hours under the sun. Priorities are changing now, with a new generation of millennial workers bringing a new perspective to the workplace – often valuing ‘soft benefits’ like flexitime, access to additional training, gym memberships and a better work-life balance more than monetary benefits such as bonuses.

“The challenge for employers now is how they can make the workplace somewhere where people feel good and therefore more motivated and energised.”

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