Businesses invited to have their say on plans to devolve Sunday trading

Government consultation will be used to decide whether local areas should have the power to enable large stores to open longer on Sundays...

The government has launched a consultation to gather opinions on whether it should devolve Sunday trading rules to local authorities.

Calling for businesses, shoppers and other interested parties to share their views, the Devolving Sunday Trading Laws consultation will look at whether local areas should be able to let large stores – with a floor area of over 280 square metres –  open for longer on Sundays.

Currrently, large stores have restricted Sunday opening hours while smaller stores can open all day.

In last month’s Budget announcement, chancellor George Osborne outlined plans to change Sunday trading hours and you can find out more here.

The government says the changes would give local authorities “greater control of their local economy” and will “improve the wellbeing of local citizens” but has asserted that it will not make any changes to restrictions on trading on Christmas Day or Easter Sunday.

Communities minister, Brandon Lewis, said:

“This government is determined to devolve powers previously held in Whitehall to local people. That’s why we want to give local leaders the power to decide whether Sunday trading is right for their area, and to give their retailers the option to stay open for longer.

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“We have already taken a range of measures to boost the great British high street and now we are giving local areas another tool to encourage shoppers to the town centre and get shops to grow and thrive.”

The consultation is open until September 16. To share your view on changes to Sunday trading laws, download a response form here or email


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