Businesses urged to get phone savvy

Small business could be losing time and money

Businesses are not fully utilising one of the most essential items in their office set-ups – the telephone – and are losing valuable working time as a result, it has been claimed.

Small business telephony provider Unicom claims that staff could, on average, save up to 30 minutes per day if firms used all the basic features on their keypads.

However, only a fraction of small businesses use all the features available, and most businesses are wasting time and productivity as a result, the group say.

Chris Earle, operations director of Unicom, said: “According to our figures and research, we estimate that each person answering or using a phone can save up to 30 minutes in every working day by familiarising themselves with, and then using, the network features available through all normal telephone lines.

“There are more than 20 features that small businesses could use on their phone line on top of the well-known 1471 service that enables them to hear the number of their last caller.”

These include features by which the phone can divert calls, display the identity of the caller, block certain outgoing or incoming calls, and allow the speakers to introduce a third person on a separate number into a conversation.

“There are many services and variations that can make a massive difference to small business phone users,” Earle added.

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