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Animal lover? Turn your pet passion into a business

What is it? Who is it suited to?
How much does it cost? How much can I earn?
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There are certain industries that have very definite requirements – and this is one of them. If you’re not an animal lover you would have to be a very good actor to want to take on one of these franchises. And even if you did, remember they can smell fear.

But if you’ve always wanted to work with our four legged friends then these are businesses that can become part of your lifestyle. Would you relish the chance to be on first name terms with a variety of animals, while experiencing all the joys of the great outdoors?

What is it?

We British love our animals. It is estimated that 52% of the population has a pet and this multi billion pound industry is growing all the time. This trend shows no sign of halting so it’s no surprise those in the pet industry call it a recession proof business.

We have three petcare franchises which will serve as examples.

With Bugsie’s Mobile Dog Wash, franchisees offer a complete washing, conditioning and drying service literally to the door. They drive to the client’s house in a specially converted van that has warm water bath and all facilities built in. Franchisees are also trained to offer flea treatments and microchipping – for owners who want to take their dogs abroad.

Petpals looks after your pet while you’re at work or away on holiday with a full feeding, walking or sitting service for any animal from guinea pig to horse. This means that people don’t have to board their pets when they are away and people who work full time aren’t prevented from having a dog or cat.

And Oscar provides a complete range of foods, care products and equipment making it a self styled ‘one stop shop’ for pet supplies. Goods are ordered in advance and delivered to the door, thus eliminating the inevitable struggle back from the supermarket. Franchisees can also be consulted on dietary or behavioural queries by putting the client in touch with an Oscar expert.

All three franchises can be run on a full or part time basis and are generally flexible. But they are also quite physical, outdoor businesses – animal lovers only need apply.

It’s worth noting that, as a franchisee, you’ll still need to get pet business insurance to make sure your business is protected.


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