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Company Details

Company:Bview Ltd Based: London Website: Employees: 15
Who are you?


Brad Liebmann, founder of Bview.  

What do you do?


We are a local search engine that enables businesses and customers to connect with one another. Customers are able to go online and promote the best companies in the UK, while exposing the worst. Businesses can connect with their customers and interact with them.  

What does that mean in practice?


Companies can go online and find customers, they can build a free profile, which helps them with their search engine optimisation, and respond to customers’ feedback.

What size company suits you?


Building a website for your business idea is easier than you might think. Our online tool ranks the top website builders that offer free trials.

Any size, but we focus on smaller companies, because they have the bigger advantage on our system. They can promote themselves on a level playing field with larger businesses based on their quality, rather than size.  

Why should I care?


It’s a great opportunity for small businesses to position themselves very favourably against larger organisations. Any business that cares about good customer service, and actually delivers it, will love Bview. It gives customers a very loud voice to complain about bad service, or to promote and tell others about great service. It’s the next phase of the internet. The first stage brought transparency to pricing, and people found they were able to buy things more cheaply. The next is about transparency in customer service, with people getting their voice and revealing their experiences.   

What mistakes will you stop me from making?


Businesses delivering poor customer service are exposed. This should stop them from making bad decisions and help give better value to customers. There are also free credit reports on the site. We’ve got 1.5 million credit scores for different companies on there, so we can also help prevent business owners from lending to someone they shouldn’t. I think there will be a lot more awareness of credit ratings because a lot of people will get stung by the credit crunch. Knowing the credit worthiness of your counterparts has always been important, but I think there will be a lot more awareness of that importance, particularly when you don’t have to pay for a credit report. It’s a huge advantage to small business owners.   

What can you do for me that I cannot do myself?


When you typically do business with a company, you get one word of mouth recommendation. Here we aggregate recommendations from lots of people and so provide the transparency that’s impossible from simple word of mouth.   

Why should I trust you?


You don’t need to trust us; you’re trusting the opinions of other business people. Reputation management is also a key thing, because this is the first time that business owners have had an independent third-party site where they can get customer feedback – people tend not to believe customer testimonials on websites. A Bview profile is a better indication that yours is a good business.   

Give me an example


Our website has lots of profiles from businesses that have added information about themselves and which now have customers’ feedback. We have profiles of 2.3 million businesses and we aim to have one on virtually every business in the UK.  

What will it cost me?


Creating a profile is free. However, for £149 a year, you can add extra content and other features, such as a web link from the profile to your own website. The more information you add to your Bview profile, the more likely it is to get picked up by the search engines. We already have about 400,000 profiles that have been found by the search engines, and so whenever people leave feedback or a company fills in their profile it gives more content, more weight to the search engine spiders and tends to rate very highly. People can advertise on the site too, but when we display advertising on the site, we show the Bview score of the advertiser as well, which is the rating customers give them. This helps to restrict advertising on Bview to good quality companies. As far as we know, it’s the first time anyone’s done anything like that.


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