Captive Media raises £250,000 from the crowd for ‘urinal videogame’

Dragons' Den business raised funds through SyndicateRoom platform

A start-up that claims to have produced the world’s first videogame playable on public urinals has raised £250,000 on crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom.

Founded in 2007 and launched in late 2011, Captive Media has designed a patented interactive entertainment platform, designed for use in public urinals.

The device is mounted on a screen above the urinal, with users able to watch videos and play games by directing their aim onto sensors as they urinate.

In return, users are shown advertising messages on-screen from the company’s marketing partners.

Founders Mark Melford and Gordon MacSween appeared on BBC Two product Dragon’s Den last year to promote their product, but were knocked back by investors on the show.

However, the company soon went on to secure $700,000 in funding from other sources, including Cambridge-based technology fund Martlet and serial tech investor Mike Ullmann.

Capitve Media added to the initial funding by completing its listing on crowdfunding website SyndicateRoom within 27 days, having successfully reached its £250,000 target.

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SyndicateRoom is a crowdfunding platform in which members of the public can invest upwards of £500 alongside input from professional investors and angel backers. A total of 9.4% equity was given away during the round.


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