Flexible finance allowed me to focus on the things that matter to my business

Black’s Cheese’s Chris Andrews explains how he used flexible small business finance to capitalise on the “bonkers” growth of his business

Business was “bonkers” for Chris Andrews of Shropshire-based cheese business Blacks Cheese, but it had an unfortunate side effect: “When the business goes well you’re getting through more stock, and the more stock you’re getting through the more costs that you incur”.

When it became apparent that their product was not going to be available, Blacks looked into buying a new cheese, but needed the funding to do it. Andrews opted for Worldpay Business Finance, which offers flexible finance to small businesses repaid by taking a percentage of their card transactions.

“Any other option […] would have led us into some unnecessary distraction”, he says, instead of “spending time on the things that matter to the business at the times they need to be dealt with”.

On the benefits of using a cash advance to finance his business needs, Andrews concludes: “We know how it works, we know how it funds us. Straightforward. One phone call, literally, one phone call. I’m not sure who it wouldn’t be right for”.

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