Cathay Craftz: Introducing our origami business

Three students from the Manchester Academy on their Make Your Mark With a Tenner venture

Hi, Cathay Craftz here from ManchesterAcademy. We’re mad about origami and wanted to set up a business so we could make some money from our hobby.

When we heard about Make Your Mark With a Tenner it seemed like a good idea to bid for £10 to start us off.

The national scheme has a fund of £200,000 from which young people can borrow £10 to set up and run a business for a month. Obviously we’re going to make the most money! And at the end of this we will close the business down, donate some of the profits to a good cause and keep the rest for ourselves.

Now a little bit about us. The three of us are the directors of Cathay Craftz and we’re still only 13 years old!

What’s really exciting is that we don’t only sell to staff in our academy, but we also get the opportunity to go into local restaurants and businesses and pitch to them.

Our unique selling point is that all our products are bespoke and our clients choose products from our extensive range in our catalogue.

The scariest pitch that we’ve done so far was to Lisa Tse, who owns the Sweet Mandarin restaurant in Manchester. She really challenged us to think about our products but, luckily for us she was really impressed and placed a big order with us.

The paper’s coming out of our ears but the profits are stacking up so we’ll at least be able to afford some plasters for our paper cuts!

Watch this space…

Ivy Makhoha – Marketing Director

Buyanzaya Purevsuren – Finance Director

Ka Yan Yiu – Creative Director


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