Channel 4 call all entrepreneurs with the young at heart

Programme to award new ventures with the funding they need

IWC Media are appealing for the UK’s brightest young entrepreneurs to take part in a series of new TV programmes.

A documentary series, to be screened on Channel 4, will be aimed at 14-19 year olds with a focus on ventures covering sports, leisure, gaming, music and clothes.

The successful entrepreneurs will be filmed over a year to keep track of their progress, with funding provided to help develop and launch their product.

IWC Media is Scotland’s largest TV production company and are the team behind programmes such as ‘Location, Location, Location’ and ‘Bricking it’.

Applicants must be based in Scotland and the North of England and have a money spinning idea that they believe will appeal to a young market.

Individuals that have already started up or are looking to find financial backing are welcome to contact the show.

To find out whether you can be part of the show, contact Inge Sorensen on 0141 353 8461

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