Charles Dunstone on floating on the London Stock Exchange [Video]

Charles Dunstone, co-founder of Carphone Warehouse, advises on coping with the scrutiny of the market

Founder of Carphone Warehouse Charles Dunstone says “it’s quite a shock” when you first start-up “you have a lot of strangers making comments and judgments about your business. Some of which you agree and some of which you don’t agree with”.

Although this can be quite overwhelming “After about a year or so you get used to it and you realise it’s a game and we’re all players in the game”, and you need to make sure you do the things that matter to you personally and your business.

“The most important thing you can do”, Dunstone explains, is to “manage expectations and explain the story of where you’re going. “Don’t get too stressed”, he advises, “the market will be what the market is and you have to run your business how you want to run it and not how they want to run it”.

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