Charles Tyrwhitt founder Nick Wheeler on creating a USP [Video]

Focus on quality, service and value says the mail order entrepreneur

Nick Wheeler says a lot of people have asked him why he did shirts: “I didn’t know anything about it, my family have never had anything to do with textiles”. He explains that he “wanted a business that was simple” and that he “could understand”.

Especially when you’re starting out, simplicity will help you focus on doing the most important things well. “You know exactly what’s in a shirt”, says the entrepreneur, “it’s basically fabric and make”.

Wheeler set off with one ambition: “to do it better than anybody else”. Even having an abstract goal can help keep you on track, and serve as a reminder of why you started the business in the first place.

His key three areas of focus were “quality… service… and value”, and admits that while “there are lots of competitors”, as long as you “concentrate on making sure” those three areas are “better than anybody else’s… you can make a very simple business work”.

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