Charlie Mullins of Pimlico Plumbers on knowing your weaknesses [Video]

No one man can do everything, says entrepreneur Charlie Mullins

As an entrepreneur, it can be tempting – especially in the early stages – to take on a huge multitude of roles yourself in order to save costs, even if they don’t play to your strengths at all.

But, as Pimlico Plumbers founder Charlie Mullins explains to Startups in this video, the trick to building a successful business is to recognise your own weaknesses, and “pay people to do your weaknesses for you”.

With more than 150 plumbers on its books and more than £14.7m revenue, Charlie Mullins’ Pimlico Plumbers is now the largest independent plumbing firm in London, and he says this is down to his record in building a team to complement his strengths. “There’s no one man who can do everything,” he explains. “The art of it is knowing that you can’t do everything – if someone’s good at accounts, let them do accounts, and so on.”

Indeed, the successful entrepreneur believes it is actually “more dangerous” trying to do everything, as it can have a “vice-versa” effect. “If you can get the right people on, the better it is,” he concludes.

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