Charlie Mullins on employing people who take pride in their work [Video]

There is no substitute for quality, says Britain's richest plumber

Charlie Mullins grew his business Pimlico Plumbers into the largest and most successful independent trades business in London on the back of an unyielding insistence on thoroughness and quality, and as he explains to Startups in this video, this is reflected in the kind of people the company chooses to employ.

Mullins explains that Pimlico insists on minimum appearance standards for all its plumbers – no visible tattoos, a well-turned out appearance, a clean van and the wearing of a uniform are all mandatory. “I’m a great believer that how a person dresses and presents themselves is going to be reflected in the quality of the job,” explains the straight-talking entrepreneur. “If you get someone that’s scruffy and doesn’t present themselves well, there’s a good chance you’ll get a bad job, and vice versa.”

Britain’s richest plumber explains that, in his view, there are “two types” of plumbers – the ones that “just get on with it” and the plumbers that “take pride in their work”. He says Pimlico looks for the plumbers that are “very on the ball, very alert, very assertive, that do a great job”. “Fortunately, the plumbers that we have on board with Pimlico are the ones that deliver a quality service,” Mullins says. “There’s never going to be a substitute for quality – people will always pay for it.”

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