Charlie Mullins on expanding in your own time [Video]

You have to build the foundations before you expand, says Pimlico Plumbers founder, Charlie Mullins


In this video for Startups, Pimlico Plumbers founder Charlie Mullins explains how the company’s policy of carefully managed expansion has allowed it to grow whilst protecting the brand values it is so well-known for.

“As far as expansion goes, we are geographically expanding now,” Mullins says. “But we’re doing it on a gradual basis.”

As the founder of one of the most well-regarded and best-known brands in the trades industry, it is no surprise to hear Mullins confirm that “we could have been all over Britain” by the time this video was filmed. “We’ve had different offers – different nuisances want to get involved with us,” he says. “But once you start bringing in outside people, you lose control.”

He explains this is particularly important when you have a business that trades on its reputation, such as Pimlico Plumbers. “If you’re not offering a quality service, then how long is it going to last?” Mullins asks. “Now we’ve got the reputation, we’ve got the brand name – we’re probably the best-known plumbing company in the world – so it’s important to build the foundations before expanding. If you haven’t got a product to sell, what have you got?”

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