Charlie Mullins on growing Pimlico Plumbers [Video]

He always had dreams beyond being a one-man-band

Charlie Mullins grew Pimlico Plumbers from a one-man band to the largest independent plumbing company in London, with more than 150 plumbers on its books and thousands of jobs completed per day.

But as he explains to Startups in this video, whilst he never expected Pimlico to grow quite so large, he always knew he was going to expand his operation from the very beginning. “I always knew from day one that one individual is never going to be rich, or over-successful on their own,” the millionaire plumber says. “They always need people round them.”

Mullins argues it is self-evident that “if you’re just a self-employed plumber, that’s what you’ll be – and that’s what you’ll stay”. “The idea was always to employ people,” the entrepreneur says. “It’s fairly obvious – 20 people will make you more money than one person.”

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