Charlie Mullins on his decision to expand Pimlico’s services [Video]

The idea came from the customers, says Charlie Mullins

In this video for Startups, Pimlico Plumbers founder Charlie Mullins explains how customer demand was behind his decision to expand the range of services Pimlico Plumbers offered.

Since foundation, the independent plumbing firm has been known for honest, friendly and reliable service, and has amassed a huge army of loyal repeat customers as a result.

Mullins said he noticed “we were continuously being asked” whether they could recommend electricians, carpenters and other tradespeople with the same commitment to service that Pimlico could offer. “It’s very difficult to recommend people,” Mullins says. “But it was mentioned enough times, so we decided one day to just get our own people in.”

As the entrepreneur explains, since then Pimlico has become a true jack of all trades, offering its customers electrics, heating, drains, roofing and a whole host of other services (since this video was made Pimlico has even started to build bespoke bathrooms for its customers). “We run the same system that we do with the plumbers,” says Mullins.

The Pimlico Plumbers founder believes there is a wider business lesson to be learned here. “You’ve got to listen to the customer,” he says. “They tell you what’s right and they tell you what’s wrong. It was really a case of reacting on it – once something like this is brought to our attention, if we think it’s a winner, we work on it.”

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