Charlie Mullins on international expansion for Pimlico Plumbers [Video]

We could be big in Spain, claims the founder of Pimlico Plumbers

Charlie Mullins grew Pimlico Plumbers into the largest independent plumbing company in London off the back of a no-nonsense, transparent approach – and as he explains to Startups in this video, this model could work equally well in other markets.

The trades entrepreneur explains Pimlico has numerous clients on the Continent who have been let down by local plumbers – to the extent that they are willing to fly a Pimlico plumber out to do the job properly. “They’re really clients from over here that have places in the south of France, and unfortunately the jobs have been messed up by someone else, and they say ‘can you go out and sort it?'” explains Mullins. “It’s not a problem – we go there, we do the job, no big issue.”

In particular, Mullins says the company has been picking up a lot of work in Spain, especially in the Marbella area so popular with British expats. “We could be really big in Marbella,” says Mullins. “We’re not going to rule it out – if the work keeps coming in, we’ll keep doing it.”

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