Charlie Mullins on Pimlico Plumbers best advertising tool [Video]

I think it should be law that all company vehicles are sign written, claims the Pimlico Plumbers founder

Speaking to Startups in this video, Pimlico Plumbers founder Charlie Mullins explains why he thinks his branded vans are the “best advertising tool we’ve got” and why all trades businesses should have branded vehicles by law.

Each van in the London-based trades business’ extensive fleet is branded with the Pimlico name, website and company telephone number, which Mullins reckons represents a “priceless commodity” when securing business. “They’re on the road 24 hours, they’re going all over London, and they’re so recognisable,” explains the Pimlico Plumbers founder. “It’s recognisable for the right reasons – it gives off a quality feel. People look at it and know it’s a good company.”

Indeed, Mullins feels so strongly about the power of signage on company vehicles that he reckons it should be a law that all commercial vehicles should display the company details on the side. “It’s not difficult to work out – taxi drivers and bus drivers charge for advertisements all the time,” Mullins says. “If you’ve got your own vehicle, how difficult is it to put your own advertising on it? So simple.”

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