Charlie Mullins on staying hands on at Pimlico Plumbers [Video]

Charlie Mullins reveals that he still gets his hands dirty from time to time

In this video for Startups, Pimlico Plumbers founder Charlie Mullins explains the importance of staying hands-on as a business owner, and not losing sight of the “real world”.

With more than 150 plumbers on its books and thousands of jobs completed per day, you might expect the Pimlico Plumbers founder to stay well removed from the day-to-day work of the business – but whilst Mullins acknowledges he “hasn’t been on the tools for a long time,” he will occasionally visit jobs to see how things are going, getting stuck in if there is an urgent problem that needs fixing. “I don’t say I do it that often,” he says, “but if I’m there and the water’s pouring through the ceiling, I’ll try and shut the water off.”

Mullins says it is “very important” to stay hands-on as a business owner, as successful entrepreneurs would be nothing without the important work that goes on at the ground level of the business. “Don’t lose sight of the real world,” he advises.

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