Charlie Mullins on the benefits of an online presence [Video]

“If you haven’t got a website you need to get one, and if you’ve got a bad one, then get a good one”

Speaking to Startups in this video, Pimlico Plumbers founder Charlie Mullins argues that having a good website for your business should be essential.

The millionaire plumber recalls that the idea for Pimlico Plumbers’ website was first mooted by a technically-proficient employee, and since then the leading independent plumbing firm has been reaping the rewards. “Where else can you actually put out an advertisement that says so much – for so little?” asks Mullins. “On a website, someone can look at the history of your company, what you’re about, your charges, the quality of people you’ve got on board – it tells them everything about the company.”

Mullins describes Pimlico Plumbers’ website as a “priceless commodity”, and reckons the only mistake they made was not getting one early enough. “We’re getting around 10,000 hits a week, and we get a massive response from it,” he says. “It’s a great advertising tool.”

Mullins has some unequivocal words of advice for business owners. “If you haven’t got a website you need to get one – and if you’ve got a bad one, then get a good one,” he advises. “You look at a good website, there’s a good chance it’s a good company.”

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