Charlie Mullins on the strict requirements for Pimlico Plumbers [Video]

To be honest we just get rid of all the rubbish, claims the Pimlico Plumbers founder

Speaking to Startups in this video, Pimlico Plumbers founder Charlie Mullins explains the business’ strict approach to recruitment, and how this has helped the company to maintain its position as the most successful independent plumbing firm in London.

“When we were a lot smaller, I was involved in recruitment all the time,” explains the no-nonsense entrepreneur, “because, at the end of the day, your business is only as good as the people you employ.”

Nowadays, Mullins leaves the recruitment to his HR department, but the requirements are no less stringent as a result. He explains the first thing they look for is the right qualifications – “we don’t want anyone that thinks he’s a plumber” – with the company insisting on either City & Guilds or NVQ qualifications for all prospective employees.

Mullins explains that the second criterion his recruiters insist on is a degree of experience in the plumbing industry – prospective plumbers need to build up a body of work and a solid reputation before being considered for Pimlico.

The third factor Pimlico insists on is less tangible. “They need to be a very presentable type of person – of a certain age,” explains Mullins.

The straight-talking plumber finishes by summing up his company’s approach to recruitment in his own inimitable way. “If I’m being honest, we just get rid of all the rubbish,” he says. “What’s left is normally pretty good.”

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