China moves ahead of UK in venture capital table

But US still a long way ahead

China has moved ahead the UK in the global venture capital league table, according to new research from Dow Jones VentureSource.

The report claims that Chinese firms received 332 venture capital equity investments in 2011, while UK companies received 274.

Based on number of investments received, China now sits second in the global table, behind the US, which remains a long way ahead – having recorded 3,209 venture capital deals last year.

Furthermore, Chinese companies are now receiving a far higher value of investment than their UK counterparts. In fact Chinese companies received a total of $6.1bn (£3.9bn) in venture capital funding last year – almost four times higher than British firms, which recorded a total of $1.7bn (£1.1bn).

In fact, the amount of venture capital funding received in China was almost equal to the whole of Europe last year, according to the Dow Jones research.

Guido Schenk, sales director for Dow Jones VentureSource, commented: “Thanks to a growing economy and strong exit environment, venture capitalists have shown significant interest in funding Chinese companies.”


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