Choosing the right green equipment for your business

Sustainable business equipment can help you to be green in an easy way. Here's what to look out for when selecting energy saving IT

Step 1 of getting the right green business equipment: Printing

Twenty years ago computer vendors where foretelling the death of the printer as we entered the age of the paperless office. Clearly this is not the case as we simple humans are often better at interpreting data from a piece of paper than we are on a screen. Accepting that printers will be with us for the foreseeable future there are some steps we can take to reduce the cost of printing.

Recycling printer cartridges is an obvious measure as is using recycled paper or maybe a paper of less thickness or weight. Double sided printing is also a great way of saving money as is encouraging printing only when it is absolutely necessary. Once you have printed out documents that you no longer need recycle the paper appropriately. If it is blank on one side and not confidential in nature then use the blank side as note paper, so at least you are maximising the use of the paper. Some email users have a small signature encouraging the email recipient to think before printing out a message. 

If you need to upgrade your printer to support features such as double sided printing take a look at the Printing documents guide.

Step 2 of getting the right green business equipment: IT hardware

Most computers are underutilised. Their hard disks are often half empty and their central processor is only busy for a small fraction of the working day. Unfortunately the energy a computer consumes is pretty much the same if it is busy or quiet as it still needs cooling and the monitor still needs powering. To deal with this issue there is a move to consolidate computer hardware so that fewer computers are being used but those that are being employed are working at their maximum potential. This saves money, space and energy. If you look around your office, take a note to see if there are PCs that may be under used and consider consolidating them onto fewer physical servers.

Environmental issues can be complex and very involved, but by taking these simple steps you will start to see an immediate cost saving and benefit the environment at the same time.


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