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Chosen Bun

UK’s first burger delivery service giving a new meaning to “fast” food

Founders: Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman
Launched: July 2013

Burger and chips is a popular meal of choice for many of us Brits, so it’s surprising then that up until 2013 there were no services offering burger delivery.

Enter Chosen Bun.

Launched in July, after a year of experimentation on delivering burgers without them degrading, young entrepreneurs Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman are the proud owners of the UK’s first ever delivery burger service.

Based in West Fulham, Chosen Bun uses its own designed, patented and manufactured bespoke packaging to keep burgers ventilated and warm during the transportation process. Delivering burgers straight to your door, the company has hit on an untapped market, growing its staff numbers to a team of 21 in just five months. Claiming to have “nailed the art of burger delivery” Shovel and Sharman’s offering also extends to milkshakes which it delivers in air-tight glass jars so that they can be shook up on arrival.

Chosen’s Bun innovative proposition has seen it recognised in the Startups Awards 2013 in the Young Entrepreneur category and additional award titles are anticipated as it extends its reach to other areas of London.


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