Chris Fowler sold to SPS

The century old printing firm is sold to a Spanish business

Chris Fowler International (CFI), which provides printing services to the financial research market, has been acquired by the Spanish firm Service Point Solutions (SPS) in a deal worth …12m.

The acquisition allows SPS access to a client base in the financial services sector which comes from over one century of trading and includes many blue chip investment banking clients.

Rafael López-Aparicio, chief executive officer of SPS: “Service Point intends to increase market penetration into important client sectors such as the financial markets.

“The acquisition of CFI fits squarely into that strategy, bringing with it a number of potential synergies.

“Its production capacity and presence in New York and Hong Kong can be leveraged to expand our service coverage in the most effective way. Service Point’s existing international presence will be used in conjunction with CFI and its clients.

CFI was founded in 1897 close to London’s financial district as a specialist printer. Today, the company prints and distributes market sensitive research to fund managers on a worldwide basis and has diversified into the other sectors such as education and public sector.

It specialises in high quality, fast turnaround overnight financial research printing services and is focussed on the UK, European, US and Asian markets.

The company currently employs approximately 100 people, with London being the largest location with over 70 employees. CFI has around 120 customers globally including many blue chip investment banking clients.

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