Cisco warns businesses to watch out for “digital double-edged sword”

New report finds 29% of UK companies are yet to adopt digital technologies with company culture is said to be key to success of digital roll-outs

UK businesses are at risk of their digital strategy “going off track” by failing to foster the right company culture, a report commissioned by Cisco with the Institute of Cultural Capital (ICC) has claimed.Polling 3,000 UK workers, the survey also suggested that 29% of companies aren’t adopting digital technologies despite the fact that the majority (67%) of employees believe digital technology has a positive impact on the way they work.

26% of employees said their ideas had been dismissed when they had suggested a new tech platform or tool to a member of leadership, with “nothing having come of it”.

Of those businesses that had implemented new digital technology, 40% of the employees surveyed said the tech hadn’t “been explained effectively to them”.

In order to achieve a successful digital strategy roll-out, Cisco says its findings highlight that encouraging employee confidence in digital tools and creating a “positive digital culture” are essential.

Additionally, Cisco has advised businesses not to rely on millennials joining the workforce to bolster their strategy as it won’t solve their “digital woes”.

UK & Ireland chief executive, Phil Smith, commented:

“There’s no doubt that organisations today face a digital double-edged sword. On the one hand new technologies are continuing to re-invent what is possible in the workplace and it is clear business leaders and employees alike understand the potential benefits digital technology can bring.

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“But our research reveals that without first fostering the right culture in the workplace and following a few golden rules when engaging with employees, it’s possible for digital roll-outs to go off-track.”

Simeon Yates, director of Institute of Cultural Capital, added:

“This report [shows that] organisations’ ability to become digitally ready is firmly in their own hands.”


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