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Learn more about citrusHR services that could save you both time and money and ensure your business is on the right track

citrusHR is an HR (Human Resources) support service devoted to small businesses that aims to bring a fresh approach to HR services.

The companies citrusHR works with span the small business sector, including start-ups, growing businesses and charities.

From staying on top of records and updating contracts in line with employment law, to keeping track of sick days and employee rewards, HR is a huge task for any business – and an even larger one for small businesses. Time spent carrying out expensive and time-consuming HR tasks can be a major drain on resources, and can be a strong factor in preventing the success and future growth of a small business.

The three founders of citrusHR – all with an unrivalled background in helping small businesses and charities – built a system that could alleviate most of this frustrating and often crippling admin involved in employing people.

There is, of course, a limit to what even the best HR software can achieve, as the founders knew themselves, with many owners and managers simply needing an experienced person to discuss their issues with – and so citrusHR was created.

In this review, we'll cover:

  1. What do citrusHR do?
  2. Which HR services does citrusHR provide?
  3. Which business types does citrusHR help?
  4. How much do citrusHR services cost?

Click on the links above to learn more about that particular aspect of citrusHR. Or, read the whole review for a more detailed look into what citrusHR could offer your business.

In this article we'll focus on citrusHR specifically. Visit our page on top HR consulting firms to learn about other human resources companies.

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1. What do citrusHR do?

citrusHR work with the clear understanding that what may work for many larger business will not work for smaller businesses – something unfortunately overlooked by many HR companies.

They firstly provide HR software that helps a small business save time and money completing admin tasks and other processes such as writing up to date employment contracts.

They then also have a consultancy process that gives small businesses assistance in the more specific aspects of business.

By using these two aspects of service, citrusHR is able to cover almost all aspects of HR for businesses, enabling them to achieve success in their business without being held back by HR.

Small businesses can often be overlooked when compared to larger businesses, and so their needs can often be ignored when it comes to creation of many HR businesses. citrusHR fills this gap, providing simple HR software, a personal service and a focus on small businesses.

There is a clear effort towards providing a small business focus – citrusHR do not use a call centre. When you call their customer service line, you will be put in touch with one of many fully trained HR consultants, who will be genuinely interested in your organisation and driven to work out the best solution to your issues.

This focus is clear in that citrusHR do not force businesses into long contracts either – companies are free to leave whenever they would like, meaning small businesses focusing on savings and cash flow can keep control of their spending at all times. Additionally, if you are not happy with their service, you can leave on your own terms – you'll need to provide 30 days' notice.

The founders behind citrusHR all have considerable amounts of experience in the world of small business, and have experienced first hand the significant amount of resources that HR can cost. It is this experience that drove them to found citrusHR, and they have been helping small businesses and charities since 2013. The team around the three founders are all fully qualified with the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), each with over 10 years experience in HR.

2. Which HR services does citrusHR provide?

As previously mentioned, citrusHR provides HR support through both their software and consultants, covering almost all aspects of your business’ admin and other HR functions.

HR software

Designed specifically for small businesses, citrusHR’s online HR software is simple to use, and provides you with 24/7 access to staff information and tools that will make your life as a employer much easier – saving your business both time and money in the process.

This HR software covers many aspects of HR to make your life as an employer much easier:

  • Holiday and absence planner: Can view all of your staff’s absences and annual leave online to ensure you know who is where and when – the software will also work out everybody’s holiday balances automatically
  • HR reports: Able to view lots of information about your staff at any time, from home addresses to sick leave
  • Payroll report: For all of your company’s payroll needs
  • Online timesheet: Useful when employing hourly paid staff to see who has worked, when, and to calculate their wages and allotted holiday allowance (useful for zero hours, casual and flexi-workers)
  • Appraisals: An excellent way to develop and motivate staff, the software will give you reminders for when to begin appraisals, guiding you through every step and automatically filing the results at the end
  • Reminders: The software will remind you well in advance of any key dates, including maternity leave and birthdays, as well as employee anniversaries (e.g. an team member who has worked at the company for three years) and more
citrus hr dashboard

citrusHR's simple and easy to use dashboard.

Staff handbook

It is difficult for any business, and especially small businesses, to stay on top of the constant changes in employment law and policies. This is why citrusHR provide a review service for your business' existing employment contracts and policies – and if you do not have them already, they can provide them for you.

They will then keep these documents up to date, in line with all changes in the law, meaning that you can direct your time and resources to other parts of your business, all while staying legally compliant.

It is crucial for any business to ensure their staff are all given a staff handbook, that sets out their employee contract, as well as any of your company policies and your expectations of staff. In a similar way, citrusHR provide full reviews of your existing documents, and will check to ensure that these are completely sufficient to meet the needs of both your staff and your business.

If necessary, they can also suggest new policies that you may wish to add, or any further changes. These come from a pool of 25 standard employment policies, covering all aspects of business that the majority of companies will need – which are all easily mix-and-matched with your own, and are all approved by a leading team of solicitors.

These policies are divided into six key areas:

  • Family-friendly
  • General
  • Performance and conduct
  • Well-being
  • Grievance
  • Redundancy

You can then discuss which of these are appropriate for your business needs – obviously, all businesses are different and some may have needs that will not be covered by these. If this is the case, citrusHR will be able to provide additional policies that are right for you.

These policies will be kept up to date with any changes in law, and, if need be, additional ones may be added from time time. It is also worth noting that these policies can be viewed by staff on a secure website.

Employment contracts

For those new to the business world, employment can be a difficult, and tough, aspect of business to understand. It can be just as difficult to keep up to date the employee contracts you will be creating, as it is to actually understand the jargon in them.

citrusHR believe that employee contracts do not need to be complicated to be legally valid – and so they put in a lot of effort to make contracts easy to read, unlike may that you will see.

citrusHR have also developed an employee contract generator as part of their web-based HR software that can allow the issue of new contracts to staff quickly and easily, to allow you to cover all types of contract and individual clauses and other aspects.

In addition to this, citrusHR will review any of your existing employee contracts to check that they are both suitable and legally compliant, providing suggestions for any necessary changes.

Legal updates

As well as keeping up with any changes in employment law, citrusHR will provide you with regular legal updates – meaning that you can stay in the loop – and will reconvene with you each year after you join to see if your company's needs have changed, to ensure you have the appropriate contracts.

Health and safety

citrusHR will provide you with a health and safety policy, guide and checklists, which should be sufficient for most small businesses. You can call with any questions regarding health and safety and speak to a fully qualified health and safety consultant.

In addition to this, the HR software will keep track of all health and safety appointments you have made, including first aiders and fire wardens, and you will be reminded about training replacements if any of your existing appointments leave your company.

Plus, citrusHR can also provide a consultancy service to write a bespoke health and safety policy for your business, in which they will visit your premises and review your current health and safety needs.

Support during disputes

Staff disputes can be particularly difficult and stressful to deal with, and as a business owner you will want to come to a conclusion as soon as possible. citrusHR can help these disputes with calm, considered advice based on large amounts of experience that will almost always help you to resolve the situation without having to go to an employment tribunal, providing advice and support along the way.

You can also arrange to have a consultant come to meet you in person and accompany you to a meeting with the person involved – and if it does come to an employment tribunal, citrusHR will provide recommendations on employment lawyers.

If you have found that your business is struggling with several of these issues, then feel free to fill in the form at the top of this page to receive several quotes for your small business from several selected HR suppliers, including citrusHR.

3. Which business types does citrusHR help?

The term ‘small business’ can mean many things, and citrusHR recognise this. As a result, they have tailored their service to better suit the following four business types:

Small businesses

As said previously, it is increasingly difficult for a small business with no dedicated business resources to keep on top of the changes in employment law. Many small businesses choose to try and go without dedicated HR staff, however this will usually cost them in the long run – breaking employment laws can cost into the thousands in penalties and damages.

citrusHR’s service ensures that as a small business owner, you will receive full HR and employment law support, without locking you into a long and expensive contract. In addition to this, they will also provide management guides that clearly explain all areas of employing staff, covering hiring to firing and anything in between.

Growing businesses

When it comes to growing a business, there are two main focuses: saving time, and saving money. HR can be hugely time constraining, which will stop you from being able to dedicate time to the things that will enable growth.

citrusHR can help you continue to grow by freeing you up from updating employment contracts – it will remind you of key dates and help save time when employing staff with formal job offers, contracts and inductions.

The web-based HR software can track goals, meaning you can quickly see who is performing to expectations, and who is not. The staff reports make it easy for you to track lots of staff metrics to make objective, performance-based decisions as your business grows.


citrusHR can give you every tool that you will need when you first start taking on staff, including:

  • Employment contracts:
  • Can provide you with all of the appropriate employment documents, including contracts, a complete staff handbook, forms, checklists and more

  • HR advice when you need it:
  • With unlimited access to HR consultants via phone, as well as a range of guides to aid you in all aspects of HR

  • HR admin support:
  • Includes holiday totals, appraisals, timesheets and more

  • Staying legal:
  • Will keep on top of the frequent changes in employment law and keep you updated with these changes

  • No long term contract requirements:
  • You can cancel whenever you like


An increasing amount of legislation, huge amounts of pressure on fundraising and plenty of red tape mean that running a charity is more difficult than ever before – but citrusHR can help. They can ensure you are fully compliant with the legalities of employment (including contracts and forms), and can provide friendly advice with 24/7 access to fully qualified HR consultants via telephone.

As previously mentioned, citrusHR's HR software can take away a lot of the time spent doing admin tasks such as writing up employment contracts, meaning you have more time to manage the complexities of your charity.

They also provide help with volunteers, including a volunteer agreement and guide to taking on and getting the best out of new volunteers – and last but not least, they offer a 10% discount to all registered charities.

4. How much do citrusHR services cost?

citrusHR’s costs are simple to understand, and reasonably priced, starting from £50 per month. In their pricing, they include:

  • Access to a full range of employment documents
  • Full access to qualified HR consultants via telephone
  • HR software to help you with admin
  • Health and safety assistance

In addition to these, they offer a few optional extras, as you see fit:

  • Insurance against tribunal costs
  • On-site visits for health and safety assistance
  • Bespoke consultancy work

Their costs are as follows:

HR Support Service £7 per employee + VAT*
HR Software-Only £2 per employee + VAT**

*Charged on a monthly basis, plus a £50 flat fee – this does not include the 10% discount for registered charities.

**Charged on a monthly basis – minimum charge of £20. A 14-day trial is available for free.

Prices correct at the time of writing.

What are the next steps?

From reading this review, you've learned more about citrusHR, including the services it offers, the types of companies it works with, and how it could help your business, as well as a guide to costs.

If you have found that your business needs assistance in any of the aspects of HR covered on this page, then it is probably time to invest in human resources for your business. Whether you need wholesale HR implementation, or just simple quick fixes, we can put you in touch with the right suppliers.

Fill in the form at the top of the page to be able to speak to several suppliers about your issues, and compare quotes, to help find HR assistance that suits your business' requirements.

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