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Clocking in machines

Clocking in machines are a great way for your small business to monitor attendance properly. Find out more about the range of options available today

Clocking in machines are used in a wide range of industries in order to effectively monitor and record employee attendance and hours worked. Many systems can also be used to track certain projects.

Helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to save both time and money by tackling workforce attendance issues, clocking in systems are a common sight in many working environments.

As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, more clocking in machines than ever before are utilising the latest innovations and contactless technology to maximise productivity and minimise the costs associated with spells of absence and other issues.

From facial recognition clocking in machines through to intelligent and user-friendly swipe card clocking in systems, there a wide variety of options available.

Presenting new opportunities to capture data, optimise efficiency in the workforce, and reduce the burden on the payroll team, clocking in machines have been used to introduce reliable time management solutions into the workforce for many years.

Here’s our guide to the different types of clocking in machines, hardware, and software that has been designed to complement and enhance your day-to-day business operations.

Clocking in machines hardware

Designed to support working patterns, rosters, and shifts, clocking in machines help businesses to implement powerful workforce management tools that help to monitor, manage, and control employee activity throughout the day.

However, there are a whole host of different clocking in machines to choose from, varying in price based on the number of people or computers that can access the data when required.

Some clocking in machines use a cardboard clocking in card that is inserted into a clocking in machine when an employee arrives and leaves work, allowing you to manually calculate the hours of work.

Other options include self installed Biometric and Swipe Systems which utilise user friendly technology in order to monitor and capture employee activity. Biometric technology allows your employees to use their finger or hand rather than a swipe card.

A number of time and attendance machines and systems use internet-connected computers, time clocks, and mobile devices to allow employees to clock in and out electronically.

The type of clocking in machine you will need depends on the size and type of the business you run. Of course, the hardware you’ll require will also depend on the complexity of your machine.

Clocking in machine software

Today’s clocking in machines use state of the art software to optimise performance, efficiency, and productivity.

There is a wide variety of clocking in software available, including ClockShark, Branch Messenger, Ximble, Plandayt, and Deputy. Investing in the appropriate clocking in software for your preferred system will allow your clocking in machine to work as well as possible.

The majority of clocking in software will allow you to enforce reliable attendance tracking, employee scheduling, hourly employee tracking, and holiday/leave tracking.

Before choosing time attendance software, you should think carefully about the needs of your business and determine the right software for your requirements.

Top 5 clocking in machine providers

It’s fair to say that clocking in systems have come a long way since employees were expected to get their card punched by a machine as they entered the building.

There are now a huge variety of clocking in systems that have been carefully designed to complement and enhance the way you run your business.

The list below includes an overview of 5 of the best, market leading clocking in systems providers. For more information on any of these suppliers, simply continue on down the page.

Kronos Systems Limited

Kronos time and attendance
Although the company is based in the US, thousands of offices in all corners of the world use Kronos Systems Limited in order to manage payroll data, schedule holidays, and monitor the attendance of large-scale workforces.

Providing high performance clocking in and attendance solutions that can accommodate the needs of thousands of employees in different job roles, there are a extensive range of Kronos Systems available, including biometric clocking in machines and fingerprint clocking in machines.

Perfect for mentoring different roles in different locations, such as healthcare staff working at different sites, these machines have been created with meticulous attention to detail in order to maximise efficiency and productivity.

Mitrefinch Clocking Machines

Mitrefinch clocking in machines
Mitrefinch produces equipment that can successfully manage secure environments and prevent fraud. Mitrefinch Clocking in machines can be used as an effective payroll and scheduling solution in a diverse range of working environments.

Again, the pricing of these clocking in systems is very much dependant on the complexity of the system you require.

Based in the UK, Mitrefinch has continued to go from strength to strength after developing the very first computerised staff clocking in system during the early 1980s.

Since then, this quality and performance focused company has made a conscious effort to embrace the very latest technology in order to create biometric clocking in systems that provide real time data, excellent security, and exceptional efficiency.

The brand has also been responsible for developing some of the industry’s best software to meet the bespoke demands of their ever-expanding client base.

Planday Mobile Clocking

Planday mobile clocking
Planday Mobile Clocking produces clocking in systems to accommodate the needs of businesses that employ people in shifts, by embracing the latest app technology in order provide an innovative and user-friendly reporting system that is simple and intuitive.

The app can be used on a number of devices and smartphones, meaning you and your employees can access it anywhere and at anytime. All your workforce will have to do is log in from their phone once they reach their destination.

In many ways, the app is a lot like a social media platform, allowing members of staff to swap shifts, log holidays, and access their shift schedule when they need it.

This type of mobile clocking is ideal for a wide range of businesses but especially smaller businesses with a small-scale workforce.


ISGUS UK time and attendance
If you’re looking for real time staff clocking and access control management, you should definitely explore ISGUS UK Ltd’s industry tailored solutions.

Perfect for accommodating all of your holiday scheduling, project management, and payroll system requirements, this forward thinking company utilises mobile and cloud based technologies in order to offer high performance systems that promote flexible and remote working.

Having started out in 1888 making mechanical clocks for watchmen, the company is now recognised around the world for its high tech biometric equipment and staff management systems.

All of ISGUS’ clocking in management systems can be used effectively across a tablets, mobile devices, and computers. They also tend to be best suited to companies that employ 25 members of staff or more.

Again, as with the majority of clocking in devices available, the price of all ISGUS UK Ltd solutions depend on the complexity of the system you require.

Bodet Ltd Customisable Machines

Bodet clocking in machines
Bodet Ltd Customisable Machines are popular amongst businesses of all shapes and sizes due to their flexibility and functionality.

This forward thinking company offers a customised screen that provides options for a fingerprint sensor, card reader, or even the option to use both. You will also be able to access employee data including their holiday entitlement, overtime allocation and sick days.

As one of the leading companies for time-related equipment in Europe, this innovative company continuously pushes the boundaries to create clocking in solutions that provide employers with access to real time attendance data.

There are a variety of time keeping solutions available, including options for room access control systems, rota planning, and payroll and HR reporting functions.

Installation, configuration and maintenance is provided by Bodet Ltd technicians. 3 million users have currently reported 96% user satisfaction.

Biometric time and attendance system

Representing the future of time and attendance management systems, Biometric clocks work by measuring key features that are unique to each individual employee.

Providing exceptional data accuracy, biometric time and attendance systems allow employees to clock in using their finger or whole hand. Face recognition Biometric systems are also becoming increasingly popular.

Some of the key benefits of opting for this type of clocking in system include:

  • No unauthorised persons will be able to access forbidden areas, as Biometric solutions only recognise the key features of those who have authority to enter a certain area. In the past, employees could simply borrow each other’s swipe cards to access restricted areas.
  • Eliminates falsified time.
  • Outstanding identity verification.
  • Streamline your payroll and enjoy accurate calculations.
  • Optimise health and safety – you will always have a clear idea of who is on the premises.

fingerprint clocking in machine

Fingerprint clocking machine

Thanks to advances in technology, fingerprint-clocking machines can now be used in conjunction with a wide range of clocking in machines.

Offering a secure, reliable, and flexible option for facilitating employee attendance, this clocking in solution is ideal for tackling ‘buddy clocking’ issues in the workplace.

The system will only recognise the unique identity of the person that is clocking in, meaning only someone with agreed authorisation will be able to access restricted areas.

To clock in, an employee will need to input their assigned ID number and then simply place their fingertip on top of the biometric reader. The system will then be able to verify that the fingerprint actually belongs to the employee that is attempting to enter the building.

Multiple fingers per employee can be registered on the device and the registration process is quick, simple, and user friendly.

Online click in system

An online click in system offers a whole host of benefits to a wide range of businesses.

Ideal for both small and large scale businesses, online click in systems allow you to access real time data, eliminate common timekeeping issues, and improve attendance management from one platform. You will also be able to run reports on employee hours in real time.

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On this page you can find out everything you need to know about clocking in machines, including information about the various brands and machines on offer to small and large businesses alike. To get the best and most suitable information possible though, you should speak to suppliers today – we can help you with this.

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