Co-founder of Streetcar launches second ambitious start-up

Self-storage firm LoveSpace opens for business

Brett Akker, co-founder of Streetcar has launched a self-storage start-up hoping to rival more expensive competitors.

LoveSpace provides customers with boxes to pack away their belongings, which are then picked up from the customer’s property, stored and returned on request at no extra cost.

By charging customers £4.95 per box per month rather than per room, the new company hopes to compete with existing self-storage firms.

The firm, which offers customers the opportunity to send the stored items onto a different location to that from which it was picked up, hopes to attract business customers looking to store promotional materials and documents as well as those relying on the service for personal use.

LoveSpace is Akker’s second start-up, following the sale of his car sharing service to US competitor Zipcar in 2010.

Streetcar’s first investors Carl August Ameln and Lasse Hoydal have similarly backed Akker’s latest venture.

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