Coalition’s policies ‘have been bad for small and medium businesses’

Business owners pessimistic about tomorrow’s Budget

Nearly half of small and medium-sized businesses believe that policies introduced by the government since the 2010 election have been bad for them, according to new research.

Only 26% of senior decision makers questioned in the YouGov SME Omnibus survey said the coalition’s policies have been good for business, compared to 48% who expressed the opposite opinion.

Furthermore, three in 10 respondents said they believed tomorrow’s Budget will have a negative effect on their business. Only 7% believe that it will be beneficial, according to the survey, but 48% think it will make no difference to their business.

Similarly, half of those who responded don’t expect the ‘Big Society’ to make any difference to their business. A third think it will be good for smaller firms; 15% expect it to have a detrimental effect.

When asked which measures the government should be concentrating on to help businesses, 31% said that additional pressure should be placed on banks to make finance more accessible. Just over a quarter (28%) said it should focus on creating a competitive tax regime, and 15% want the government to lower VAT.


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