Coco di Mama

The quick-service Italian food outlet bringing high-quality lunches to the City of London

Founders: Daniel Land and Jeremy Sanders
Launched: April 2011

In the highly-competitive London quick-service market (that’s healthy fast food to you and me), Coco di Mama is carving a new niche for authentic Italian cuisine and exceptional customer service.

Less than a year since opening, its chic Fleet Street store has already earned a loyal fan base. In a modern approach for a local café, the chefs announce the day’s menu on Twitter every morning. This innovative idea builds a sense of community, which their customers keenly engage with, tweeting in turn about their lunches.

The 28-year-old co-founders come from a corporate background themselves, so they know their audience – but key to their success is their focus on authenticity, outstanding service and attention to detail. Prior to launch, they spent a year driving up and down Italy, sourcing the best products, suppliers and recipes – ensuring that back on Fleet Street every customer enjoys a unique, unforgettable lunch and one of the most authentic Italian coffees in town.


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