Small businesses explain what attracted them to the Manchester start-up scene

Not sure where to start a business or where to relocate to? Manchester start-ups at WeWork’s new co-work office reveal what makes the city so great

Starting a business in the UK but not sure where your start-up should be based? Or have you already launched your business and want a great location for your HQ? Manchester could be the city for you.

We spoke to residents of WeWork’s latest co-workspace in Manchester at No.1 Spinningfields to find out what attracted them to the thriving Manchester start-up scene.

These seven Manchester start-ups explain what makes the city such a great business hub, and why basing your company in a co-workspace can be hugely beneficial to business growth.

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Jack Mason, CEO of app developer Dreamr, cites the city’s technology credentials as a major draw: “Manchester from a tech perspective is ever-expanding; really thriving when it comes to the tech community”.

For James Mulvany, founder of MCR Live, as well as having a great cultural scene, Manchester is a lot more cost-effective than starting up in the capital: “You can avoid a lot of the overheads and costs that you would have in London. Manchester is a really economically viable place to start a business right now”.

The opportunity for collaboration with other businesses is highlighted by a number of the contributors as their primary reason for choosing a co-workspace. Nodes’ David Foster highlights networking and “being in a space with like-minded people” as the biggest reason for locating the app developer at WeWork.

Anthony Bingham, director of Jimbag, agrees: “You go into these communal spaces and there’s a number of people in there who can excel your business”, while managing director of Just PR, Justine McGuinn, says there were many opportunities for collaboration within the “small pocket of people” sitting right near her.

Daisy Anderson-Perrin, the community manager at WeWork No. 1 Spinningfields, explains why the workspace provider chose Manchester as its first regional location outside the capital:

“The incredible ecosystem, the culture, the friendly nature of businesses and their willingness to interact and engage”.

Find out more about how WeWork No. 1 Spinningfields can help your small business to grow here.

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