Company car drivers more likely to speed, study finds

Nine in 10 commercial vehicle users admit to exceeding limit on motorways

Drivers of company cars are significantly more likely to break the speed limit, with nine out of 10 drivers admitting to exceeding the limit when driving on motorways, a study has claimed.

A poll commissioned by vehicle insurer RAC found that whilst two-thirds (67% ) of private motorists admitted to regularly exceeding the speed limit on motorways, this figure rose to 88% amongst drivers of company cars.

Almost two-thirds (62%) of company car drivers admitted reaching speeds of 80mph on motorways, almost double the figure reported amongst regular motorists (32%).

Company car drivers were also significantly more likely to reach dangerous speeds on the motorway – the study claimed they were almost three times more likely to hit 90pmh or more than private motorists.

RAC said the results showed a widespread perception amongst company car drivers that it is more socially acceptable to speed on motorways than on other roads, and urged business owners to monitor their drivers’ speed compliance more closely.

David Aldridge, director of business services at RAC, said: “With the introduction of next generation ‘smart motorways’, where the hard-shoulder is open permanently or during busy periods, and variable speed limits enforced by verge-side speed cameras, there is a real danger that company car drivers may find themselves increasingly on the wrong side of the law and faced with growing numbers of points on their licence.

“Whilst drivers may feel tempted to save time in the working day by going faster, any fleet manager knows that collecting speeding points is ultimately bad for business.”

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