Compare and share

Car and ride comparison marketplace opening up the “sharing economy”

Founders: Benita Matofska and Nick Tong
Founded: January 2013

The future of our economy lies with the principle of sharing, or so say entrepreneurs Benita Matfoska and Nick Tong, founders of the world’s first sharing economy comparison marketplace, Compare and Share.

With an estimated £3.5tn worth of unused items in the world, the duo believe that their innovative start-up offers the opportunity for people to “live better together” and save money through sharing.

Their first category, car and ride share, allows people to browse and compare cheaper ways to travel to cities and towns across the UK and has attracted a range of car sharing providers to sign up to the service, including Zipcar, Blablacar and Liftshare. Having signed its first corporate client, UK charity Macmillan, in September and with a pipeline of over 7,000 affiliates lined up, the Brighton-based comparison site is opening up a new market and believes it will do for the sharing market what eBay did for the second-hand goods industry – an ambitious claim.

Already revenue generating, the business will soon be extending its offering to accommodation and has already signed with leading house share specialists such as HouseTrip and


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