Concept Cupboard

The low cost marketing and design portal connecting creative students with small businesses

Founders: Chris Dodson (pictured), Guy McConnell, Julie Cheetham and Simon Devonshire
Launched: February 2011

In an economic climate of high graduate unemployment, small business bootstrapping and in which image and promotion are key in tackling increased competition, Concept Cupboard is killing three birds with one stone.

The creative crowdsourcing service allows any business – from a startup to a large corporate – to post design and marketing projects on the website, and then young designers and graduate talent send in their ideas. The firm’s favourite bid is awarded the project and the unsuccessful applicants receive feedback on their ideas – promoting commercial skills development.

In the first week after launch the pioneering website received 1,000 unique visitors, despite only being promoted through Twitter, and within six months that had grown to 110,000 page views a month. With business giant Hewlett Packard endorsing the site early on, the start-up quickly smashed its projections, achieving more than double its projected six month turnover.



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