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Converting visitors into sales

How to increase sales by making your website more visitor friendly

Goods tend to be purchased online for three reasons. Firstly, because the internet presents a shopping experience of global proportions and unlimited choice; secondly, the determined internet window shopper will pick up the best deals as the competition for customers and lower costs filter down to price reductions, and thirdly, it's usually much more convenient.

So when designing your website, keep cost, convenience and choice in mind.

First-time visitors are less likely to buy from your site than those who are familiar with it,  so try and keep people coming back to it. However, when people are looking for a product they want, they will scan your site on their first visit, so it has to be immediately obvious what your core offering is to a first-time visitor.

If they are more drawn into your site, then make it easy for them to buy, with clear descriptions and photos of your products.

Make other information easily available, such as delivery times, returns policies and so on, and make sure the phone number of your company is clearly displayed, along with the times when there's someone there to answer it.

Selling online does have its complications though. For more information, visit our setting up a website channel.



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