Start-ups believe corporates should do more to disrupt their own markets

Of start-ups that have collaborated with corporates, 70% say the process was long and complicated

53% of start-ups think corporates should do more to effectively innovate and disrupt their own markets, according to Startupbootcamp’s Collaborate to innovate report.

The survey of 350 Startupbootcamp alumni found that 70% had already successfully collaborated with corporates, with 45% wishing to do so to sell their business and 30% in order to secure pilot projects

However, 70% of those surveyed also claimed their experience working with corporates had resulted in a long and complicated internal process.

In 2016,, in conjunction with Nesta and Startup European Partnership, revealed the top 25 corporates for start-ups to collaborate with in our European Start-up Stars Index.

Andy Shannon, head of Startupbootcamp Global, commented: “It’s easy to see the benefits of corporate and start-up collaboration, but despite the mutual understanding between both parties, there are obvious challenges that stand in the way.

“Our findings emphasise these current obstacles, highlighting how developing relevant relationships is more important than ever in order to overcome these issues and collaborate to innovate within often entrenched industries.”


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